Weekly Needs

Main Sound Board

This volunteer position makes sure that the microphones are working before the service, and controls the volume and feedback for each mic during the service. He (or she) also queues and plays pre-recorded audio from CDs, as well as any audio feeds from the projection booth, and controls the house lights.



This volunteer position controls the image that is projected on the main screen during the service. This may require the volunteer technician switch inputs from the PC, DVD, video mixer (live image magnification), and possibly other sources. He (or she) also operates the PC (typically PowerPoint and/or EasyWorship) and DVD player.

Recording Sound Board

This operator controls the audio mix that is sent to the CD/DVD recorder. He/she controls a separate soundboard with multiple audio inputs from the main soundboard, and from the PC/DVD sources in the projection booth.

Intermittent Volunteer Needs

Digital Content Creation

These volunteers create slides in PowerPoint and/or EasyWorship that will be used in the Sunday services (worship songs, intermission slides, etc.). They also may download, re-format, and/or edit A/V clips from the Internet, or from DVDs or other sources (with permission). In some cases, volunteers have created original content, possibly using other volunteers as cast members. Some other ministries may have A/V needs specific to their ministries.

Bring Your


You may have A/V expertise and/or interests that are not listed here. Or you may have come from another church that provided some A/V ministries that were especially meaningful to you, and/or that helped you grow in your faith. We may have all the equipment in place, but are just lacking a few volunteers to provide A/V support for non-traditional or “seeker” services, Christian movie nights, academic seminars, or small-group events. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


In general, training is required before operators can use the A/V equipment. This can generally be arranged on a Sunday morning (during either service).

Stage Light for Special Events

These volunteers work closely with the producer and/or director of the Christmas and Easter programs, for example.


If you are interested in serving in any of these areas, please let us know: 

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