Safety Team

The Safety Team is made up of men and women who wish to serve the church by watching over the flock.  The Team is led by a Safety Director and utilizes a trained staff of volunteers.


To be qualified, a person must first be of sound mind and character.  He/She must be capable of, and have demonstrated wise decision making, especially in a stressful environment.  They must be in good physical condition. Upon appointment to the Safety Team, a person will attend three, three-hour training sessions before being assigned.  There will be a mandatory three hour refresher training session twice yearly.  Team members will be scheduled with other team members, approximately twice monthly.  The Team member role is not compensated. Team members will be called upon to exercise, employ and execute such skills as Situational Awareness, Risk Assessment, Careful Accommodation, Conflict Resolution, De-escalation.

Emergency Response Team

We always have a need for more qualified people to serve with the Medical Response Team. If you are a medical professional, past or present, and would be interested in sharing your skills with Grace Fellowship Church, please contact Greg Wayne. 


If you would like more information about serving with the Safety Team/Medical Response Team, or if you have additional questions, please fill out the form below and our Safety/ERT Team Coordinator will follow up with you.   

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