Comfort Bags

We have all seen them--at intersections, on sidewalks--often holding signs telling about their plight and expressing their need. They are people who are needy, and a "comfort bag" is a small expression of kindness to hand them.

Consider joining Grace Fellowship Church's outreach effort in Buckeye and the surrounding communities by handing out a "comfort bag" to someone in need. There are three ways you can partner with us:

1. Grab A Bag!

Next time you're on campus, grab a bag from the table in the lobby, or from the church office, and give it to someone in need.

2. Make A Bag!

Make your own bag with items of your choosing. We've included some ideas on this page to help you get started. Give your bag to someone in need.

3. Donate Items!

While you're out shopping, grab a few extra items from our suggested items list and return them to the church office so we can continue to provide bags to those in need.